No more amalgam in dentistry

The plan is set out in an EU environmental regulation because mercury, one of the ingredients in amalgam, is harmful to the environment, so they want to stop their exposure to the outdoors. It is planned to eliminate its use in European dentistry by 2030. However, at present, it is much more difficult than simply letting go of the amalgam to prevent its release into the environment.

To avoid panic, it is important to note that amalgam is not harmful to the patient, but to the environment.

Dentistry has been identified as the highest mercury user in Europe. If your dentist removes an old filling or pulls out an amalgam tooth while you are working, it has so far been put into the plumbing system. This would be eliminated by the EU.

Therefore, a gradual withdrawal of amalgam was prescribed. After January 1, 2019, amalgam waste may no longer enter the aqueduct. Special equipment is required to remove mercury-containing material from the flushing water and to collect the removed fillings. This will require the use of so-
called separators, which must be incorporated into the old dental equipment.

Today, the proportion of new amalgam fillings in Hungary is well below ten percent. According to data from the Health Insurance Fund, 420 thousand patients still received such a filling in 2008, only 220 thousand in 2013, and this number has been decreasing ever since. Most of the dentists in Hungary no longer uses amalgam.

The dental chamber had previously estimated that it would require $ 7 billion in support for the improvements needed to leave amalgam. The government will assess in the fall whether there is such an appropriate filter everywhere in the country's six thousand dental practices.

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