Oral Health

Oral Hygiene is a topic that is paramount for all to take seriously. Why?

We live in a very distracted era where we are busy bees all day juggling work and families and if we are lucky then our hobbies. All the time spent else where can distract us from looking after our oral health.

It only takes a few minutes to make a difference to how healthy our teeth and gums are maintained.

Here are a few pointers we recommend for you to think about during your busy and action packed day:

1. Diet

It is a fact that sugar is one of the most unhealthy foods for our teeth, and also can be linked to other health issues. Reducing the amount of sugar that you eat and drink will certainly be better for your teeth and gums.

2. Hydration

Stay hydrated with water. Not only will water not damage your teeth as sugary drinks, but a dry mouth can harbor excessively ‘bad’ oral bacteria and may well lead to gum disease.

3. Brush your teeth

Most of us do this, but too many of us do so using an old toothbrush. If yours is more than three months old (or the head of an electric brush is), throw it out and replace it. It will not be very useful in removing food and bacteria from the mouth.

4. Fluoride

Check your toothpaste. Most toothpastes do contain fluoride, which hardens the enamel of the teeth, improving their protection. Not all do though, especially ‘natural’ ones. If yours doesn’t, make sure that you change to a fluoride toothpaste.

5. Floss

Many dental problems start in the spaces between our teeth where a toothbrush struggles to reach. Dental floss is an effective way of cleaning this area if done correctly.

6. Chew sugar free gum

Studies have shown that chewing a gum can help remove food particles and bacteria from your teeth and gum line.

7. Hygienist visits

Never underestimate the role of a dental hygienist in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Not only will they clean them, removing hardened bacteria which home brushing alone is unable to, but also offer advice on how to improve the way you look after your teeth and gums.

8. Dental appointments

Everyone should see their local dental doctor for a checkup every six months or even more frequently should your dentist recommend it.

We hope the above information has been helpful insight for you and we recommend to make sure to book in for an oral health check if you have not done so already.

Our clinic provides FREE oral checkup through which we can examine your oral health and determine if there are any areas of improvement needed in the way that you look after your teeth and gums. We also be able to check if there are any oral health issues are detected and can provide you with a treatment plan that would restore your dental health.

Contact us for further details and available appointments.

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