Smile Design - What are it's advantages

The aesthetics of the smile are based on regularities, the most important element of which is the shape, position and color of the upper front teeth. Their appearance should be in harmony with the shape of the face, its characteristic elements and the color of the skin.

To this day, the dentist and dental technician have designed the shape, position and color of the teeth according to certain rules, but still relying on their own aesthetic and artistic sensibilities.

The final result became visible only after the restoration was completed, so the aesthetic effect was not always achieved. In all cases, this led to repetition of the dental prosthesis, which was unpleasant for both the patient and the dentist and dental technician.

A smile can now be consciously designed according to precise rules. The result of the design can be simulated with the help of a special computer program, so the dental technician does not only follow the written or verbal instructions, but also the exact visual design.

The great advantage of this method is that the patient can see and work with his or her dentist on what his or her smile will look like with his or her new teeth.


 The planning process is as follows:

1. The dentist takes a portrait photo of the patient

2. We paste the photo into the smiley designer computer program

3. In the program we insert the teeth with the highest aesthetics in place of the existing teeth

4. We compare the original smile with the intended smile and change it if necessary

5. Patient and dentist approved visualization is sent to the dental technician online

The result of the design and execution is an aesthetically pleasing smile that you have imagined and designed by your dentist.



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